Navigating the complex landscape of intellectual property can be daunting for business owners, inventors, and R&D teams. At Simpli iP, we specialize in patent drafting, patent filing, and responding to office actions or examination reports, ensuring that your innovations are adequately protected and compliant with legal standards.

Our Patent Drafting Services

Patent drafting is a critical step in securing intellectual property rights for your inventions. Our team of experienced professionals meticulously prepares patent applications that clearly define your invention, ensuring that all legal and technical aspects are covered. We focus on creating comprehensive and precise patent drafts that withstand rigorous examination by patent offices.

Benefits of Professional Patent Drafting

– Detailed and Clear Documentation: We ensure your invention is described in the most detailed and clear manner, leaving no room for ambiguity.
– Legal Compliance: Our drafts comply with all legal requirements, reducing the likelihood of rejections or delays.
– Technical Accuracy: We leverage our technical expertise to accurately capture the essence of your invention.

Patent Filing Services

Filing a patent is a crucial step that requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of legal nuances. Our patent filing services streamline this process, ensuring that your application is correctly submitted and adheres to all regulatory standards.

The Patent Filing Process

1. Preparation: We prepare all necessary documents and ensure that your patent draft meets the required standards.
2. Submission: We handle the submission of your patent application to the relevant patent office, whether it’s the USPTO, EPO, IPO (Indian Patent Office) or another jurisdiction.
3. Monitoring: We track the progress of your application, keeping you informed and addressing any issues that arise.
4. Support: Our team provides continuous support throughout the filing process, from initial submission to final approval.

Benefits of Professional Patent Filing

– Accuracy and Compliance: Ensures that your application is complete and complies with all legal requirements, minimizing the risk of rejections.
– Efficiency: Saves you time and effort by managing the complex filing process on your behalf.
– Expert Guidance: Provides you with expert advice and support throughout the patent filing journey.

Responding to Office Actions/ Examination Reports

An office action/ examination report is a document written by a patent examiner in response to a patent application. It outlines any issues or objections with the application. Responding to these actions promptly and effectively is crucial to advancing your patent application.

Our Process

1. Analysis: We thoroughly analyze the office action to understand the objections or requirements set forth by the examiner.
2. Strategy Development: Based on our analysis, we develop a strategic response aimed at addressing all concerns raised.
3. Drafting the Response: Our team drafts a clear, concise, and well-argued response to overcome the objections and move your application forward.
4. Submission and Follow-up: We handle the submission of the response and monitor the progress, keeping you informed at every step.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Simpli iP means partnering with a team dedicated to safeguarding your innovations with the highest level of expertise and commitment. Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous successful patents and satisfied clients.


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