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Our analysts conduct holistic IP research into existing property rights. At Simpli iP, our IP experts are handpicked and we use a comprehensive range of tools to examine a patent query.


We complete a variety of IP research projects, including patentability, invalidity, freedom-to-operate and state of the art searches.


No two inventions are the same, and no two client requirements are the same. Our tailor-made approach adapts scope, budget, aims, timeframe and search specifics to provide a made-to-measure solution for our clients. By discussing the minutiae directly with our clients straight off the bat, we provide a high-quality, individualized service.

Harnessing the benefits of IP Research

IP research can define a product’s development chances. A strong IP position offers higher levels of return on investment, while a holistic look at the patent landscape can ensure R&D efforts head in the right direction – avoiding unnecessary expenditure and wasted time. IP research also provides valuable business intelligence: at an early stage, it is possible to identify potential competitors and monitor their innovation strategies, while also identifying possible partners and consumers.

Why choose Simpli iP?

As a remote-first company, we employ the best IP analysts for our clients’ needs, regardless of geographical location. Our dynamic, interdisciplinary approach ensures we provide our clients with the best possible service, and we place great emphasis on offering custom solutions.


When embarking on securing a patent for an invention, it is crucial to thoroughly canvas existing patents, research and relevant publications.


Our patentability (novelty) search will help you to determine if your potential invention is novel and non-obvious.


The results of the search have the potential to strengthen your patent application and anticipate the examiner’s prior art rejections. The search can also uncover prior art that may stop you from pursuing your patent applications.

Freedom to Operate

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search will support you in making strategic decisions to make, sell or use a product. This search may help you avoid litigation costs that may occur due to unintentional infringement or violation of third party Intellectual Property (IP) rights within a particular jurisdiction. It will support you in making strategic decisions, including entering a specific market, licensing, mergers or acquisitions.


We have a full understanding that in-force claims may be very broad and may not include all features of the proposed product or invention. We have mastered creating search strategies that consider product features as well as the claim breadth of possibly relevant patent documents.


Litigation can be a very prolonged and expensive process. We will provide you with a thorough patent (in)validity search which will support you in devising adequate legal strategy.


It may be used to test the strength of your patent and give you a better negotiating position in case of licensing or selling a patent. Invalidating a patent will also be your strongest weapon in case of allegations of patent infringement.


Our search strategies for invalidity searches will scrutinize the target claims and their most important subject features. The search will encompass searching for prior art within patents, patent applications, non-patent literature like scientific papers, conference posters or clinical trials.

State of the Art

Validate early and frequently is a mantra of every innovative business. Before committing to an idea, it is beneficial to scout the current state of technological advancement.


State of the Art Search (Landscape Search) is to help you see your innovations in the context of known technologies. The State of the Art searches may cover patent and non-patent literature depending on your goals.

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